Your Councillors


Ian Brayshaw Chairman [email protected]
Jan Finch Vice-Chairman 07990 893800 [email protected]
32a Cock Robin Lane Catterall PR3 1YL


Emma Millington Parish Council Clerk 07983 724538 [email protected]


Julie Bostock Councillor 07540795175 [email protected]
8, Meadows Lane Claughton-on-Brock PR3 0UA
Philippa Perks Councillor 07852247485 [email protected]
12, Catterall Lodge Court Catterall PR3 0FB
Liz Ormerod 07801536959 [email protected]
124 Garstang Road Catterall PR3 1XN
Sue Bulman Councillor 01995 602360 [email protected]
4 Thornbank Drive Catterall PR3 1YP
Simon Kirkman Councillor 07808 475481 [email protected]
11 Baylton Drive Catterall PR3 0EA
Joan Mackenzie Councillor 01995 608859 [email protected]
16 Catterall Gates Lane Catterall PR3 1YH

Wyre Borough Councillor for Brock with Catterall

David Swift [email protected]
Daniel Bolton [email protected]

Country Councillor for Wyre Rural East

Shaun Turner Councillor 07775 098532 [email protected]

MP for Lancaster & Wyre

Ben Wallace Member of Parliament for Wyre and Preston North 01995 672976 and 0207 219 5804